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PNCR’s Florida Chapter files no-confidence motion against Norton

Opposition Leader Aubrey Norton

Over a year after he secured a landslide victory to take control over the helm of the People’s National Congress Reform (PNCR), the party’s Florida Chapter has filed a no-confidence motion against Aubrey Norton.

In the motion seen by MTV News Update, the Florida Chapter said that Norton had failed to fulfill his promises one year after he was elected.

In December 2021, Norton emerged as the Leader of the party in a landslide win against Joseph Harmon and Dr. Richard Van West-Charles.

However, the PNCR’s Florida Chapter in its NCM said that one year has elapsed, during which Norton has moved the party in a “speedy downward spiral” in Guyana’s political space.

“The party’s image has been severely tarnished, and a large number of our members, supporters and sympathiers have lost interest in this party. The Business Community from whom we got significant support has been withholding that support,” the motion stated.

Moreover, the Florida Chapter referenced the recent resignations of Treasurer Faaiz Mursaline and General Secretary Geeta Chandon-Edmond, noting that Norton is to be blamed.

To this end, the Chapter called for Norton to resign for reasons including failure to keep his promise to unite the party, failure to mobilise key political events, inability to keep the regional structures alive, and that Central Executive Committee (CEC) meetings are infrequent.

“Be it further resolved that Aubrey Compton Norton be removed from the Office of Leader to allow for a dynamic and inclusive leadership to stop the spiral.”

The motion, which was moved by John C Yates, the Chairman of the Florida Chapter, and seconded by Lawrence London, was sent to the Executives of the North American District and was dispatched to the CEC, PNCR’s highest decision-making body.

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