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Pineapple factory in Mainstay/Whyaka to be rehabilitated – Mustapha

Minister of Agriculture Zulfikar Mustapha says the ministry is looking to rehabilitate a pineapple factory in Mainstay/Whyaka, Region Two (2). Toshao for Mainstay Yvonne Pearson had told MTV News Update that the factory was out of operation for a number of years.

During the recent commissioning ceremony for a $24M grader for Region Two, Minister Mustapha he told farmers that massive agricultural projects are on the cards for the Region.

There the Minister said the ministry is looking to restart pineapple production in Mainstay and also boost agro-processing in the community. 

“We are looking to start back the cultivation with AMCAR, the pineapple cultivation, rehabilitate the pineapple factory, so all these things are coming to region two and you here will be benefiting.”

Pineapple farm is the main economic activity for residents of Mainstay/Whyaka.

Toshao and Member of Parliament (MP) Yvonne Pearson during MTV News Updates’ visit to the community had said that the pineapple factory had not been in operation a number of years.

In the meantime, the community is exploring other non-traditional crops in the community.

“We’re not moving away from pineapples, but we’re introducing new crops because there is a future for agriculture in Mainstay, we have so much land that we can cultivate.”


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