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Persons who missed first distribution of $30k cash grant can uplift tomorrow

The Ministry of Education will commence the second phase distribution of the 'Because We Care' cash grant tomorrow.

This announcement was made in a notice published on the Ministry's Facebook page.

Persons in Region One who missed the first phase distribution can uplift the grant at Mabaruma Nursery, Port Kaituma Secondary, and Lower Kaituma Annex among others while in Region Two the grant can be uplifted at the Department of Education in Anna Regina.

Meanwhile, in Region Three, parents can uplift the grant at the Department of Education_ Vreed-en-Hoop and for Region Four the grant will be available for pick up at RDC Office, Triumph, Department of Education - Friendship Sub Office for East Coast and East Bank recipients respectively and Queens College.

For Region Five, the grant can be uplifted at the Fort Wellington, Department of Education and in Region Six at the RDC Office, New Amsterdam.

For Region Seven the grant can be uplifted at Department of Education - Bartica. Meanwhile Regions Nine and Ten the grant can be uplifted at the Department of Education.

Please see below for notice from the Ministry of Education, where the time for pick up is published.

The grants are available for parents whose child are on a registered list but was unable to uplift the $30,000 cash grant due to circumstances and also for parents who whose child name were not on the list for the first phase.


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