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Persons who miss initial distribution date of $30k grant will be given second chance to uplift

Minister of Education, Priya Manickchand said that if a parent or guardian misses the initial date set for the distribution of the $30,000 ‘Because We Care’ cash grant at the school of their child, they will still be able to get the grant, but this will be done until the exercise is concluded in every Region.

Minister Manickchand made this statement after a question was asked about parents or guardians who do not have anyone to pick up on the set date.

"Two things can happen [...] that parent can authorise someone currently who they trust to uplift the grant during the time and if the parent really doesn't trust anyone or there is no one willing to go uplift for you at some point throughout the entire process there will be an opportunity again."

However, she noted "you will have to attend to whichever place we say for everybody to come who did not get a chance to uplift the grant at that place, but that will be after the process is completed."

Additionally, students who have completed school but plan to pursue CAPE studies will receive this grant in October.

In cases where a child is from a family where the parents have separated, the parent who has custody of the child will be able to uplift the grant.

Minister Manickchand has also assured persons in the riverine and hinterland communities, they will receive their grant while noting that her team will work hard to deliver on the PPP/C Government's promise.

This year the $30,000 will be given in full cash. A school uniform and supplies voucher valued at $5,000 was initially supposed to be given along with $25,000 cash, but the Ministry has delivered as per parents requests.

The date and pick up location of the 'Because We Care' cash grant for each school can be accessed on the Ministry's Facebook page (Ministry of Education- Guyana).

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