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“People have started to live once again”- Dharamall says upon two years in office

“People have started to live once again”, those were the words of Minister of Local Government and Regional Development, Nigel Dharamlall as he boasted of the PPP/C Government and particularly his Ministry’s successful two years in office.

Minister Dharamlall says numerous interventions have been made at the community level over the two years, noting that “people's lives improved.”

“One of the most important things we have seen at the community level is people have started to live once again […] With the amount of resources that we have poured into community development through various means, we have found that the village economy across the country, there is more spending, there is more saving and more employment. I think those are critical areas. We have gotten out in the pandemic stage not in a way that other countries were scorched but in a way we have made sure that our commitment to people, that our employment, income generation, economic opportunities, wealth creation, those four things were priority still,” he noted.

The Ministry over the two years has invested heavily in infrastructure and community enhancement works. Numerous pot-holed roads were fixed and also several new ones were constructed.

Looking to the future, the Minister assured that more interventions would be made at community level with some coming within a few months.

“We would also be buying tractors and trailers for all 70 NDC across the country. So hopefully in the next three months all NDCs will be able to have a tractor or trailers or in some cases some NDCs have enormous challenges with garbage collection and disposal so some of them will also get other types of garbage collection equipment.”

Moreover, the Government as a body has also injected billions of dollars back into the economy in the form of cash grants.


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