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Pensioner killed during robbery

The community of Bush Lot on the West Coast of Berbice is mourning the death of an elderly villager who was brutally killed during a suspected robbery this morning.

Dead is 85 year old Sumindra Saw, who lives alone at her home but would be assisted by a caretaker who is said to be a relative.

When MTV News Update arrived at the scene, neighbours were hesitant about relating what they heard but noted that the woman was a quiet individual and that they were shocked to learn of the woman’s demise.

Regional Commander, Kurleigh Simon told media operatives that at about 5:00 hours today, the police at the Fort Wellington Police Station received a call about a suspected robbery/ murder. He said as a result, ranks responded to the scene and made contact with the caretaker.

Simon noted that based on what ranks were told, they inspected the scene and found the lifeless body of the 85 year old woman in the upper flat of the building.

“Apparently a door was left open on the lower flat of the house where two identified masked persons appeared to be males gaining access, they held the two ladies at knife point and they proceed remove the caretaker from the upper floor and take her to the lower flat and tied her up” Simon added.

The men then returned to the upper flat where they assaulted the deceased resulting in her losing her life in the process. The commander also revealed that a bag containing $350,000 belonging to the deceased along with other documents were removed from the scene by the perpetrators.

“The visible injuries appear to be stab wounds to her face.”

The police are currently working on several active leads that can result in the conclusion of the investigation.


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