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Paul DeNobrega coasts to victory in 60-mile Region Six Road Race

Paul DeNobrega emerges fastest in a 60-mile road race held in Berbice last Sunday with a time of 2 hours 15 minutes 20 seconds.

The race, dubbed the Ballot Box Martyrs Cycle Race, saw tense competition between dozens of cyclists racing from Freedom House in New Amsterdam to Springlands then returning to the site of the Ballot Box Martyrs at No. 63 Village for the finish.

The July 7 race saw Paul DeNobrega riding away as the winner of the senior category.

Britton John copped the second position and Christopher Griffith came in third after the over two hours long road race. In the junior category, Mario Washington won first place while Aaron Neuton and Alexander Leoung came in second and third respectively.

The veteran category saw Paralympian Walter Grant-Stuart secure the top spot. Grant-Stuart is currently preparing to compete in the UCI para-cycling road racing world championships in Quebec, Canada in August.

Paul Chow Wee Naam and Junior Niles came in second and third for veterans respectively.

Talim Shaw and Ian Jackson came in first and second in the over 50 category.

Clavicia Spencer won the ladies category while Marcia Dick came in second.

Regional Chairman, David Armogan was present at the race to congratulate the cyclists and remind patrons in attendance that the race was staged in remembrance of two ballot box martyrs who lost their lives after being gunned down on July 16, 1973.

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