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Paruima to get Doctor’s quarter for the first time in 2022

- will bring health care access closer to residents

The Committee of Supply approved $1.1B for the delivery of health services in Region Seven (7), Cuyuni-Mazaruni, which will improve the lives of health care workers and residents in hinterland communities in this administrative region.

Of this amount, $121M has been earmarked for the provision of health facilities and living quarters for doctors to be stationed in communities.

Paruima Village in Upper Mazaruni Region Seven (7) has been identified as one of the villages that will benefit from the earmarked sum.

Paruima Village in Region Seven (7).

News Update during last year, had spoken to Shundel Thomas, a Community Health Worker in Paruima who explained that there was no doctor stationed in the village.

Paruima's Community Health Worker, Shundel Thomas.

She had said that all the serious cases of illnesses were either referred to the Kamarang District Hospital or Georgetown Public Hospital.

“We would like a doctor stationed here in Paruima so it would be better for us and easier for us, to make the work easier for us here in Paruima,”

she explained.

Now, the Government has made monies available to have this issue rectified.

Minister of Local Government and Regional Development Nigel Dharamlall said during the examination of the 2022 Budget estimates,

This village has been without any proper service from the level of a doctor, and so we will be constructing an accommodation, living quarters for a doctor to be stationed in Paruima in the Upper Mazaruni.”
Minister of Local Government and Regional Development, Nigel Dharamlall.

With this intervention, persons living in Paruima can now have access to a doctor without travelling four hours in a boat to the Kamarang District Hospital for medical attention.

“We will also be constructing a new and this time a proper “drugs bond, living quarters for the health worker and also a doctor at Puruni.”

he added.

Meanwhile, $1.8B has been allocated for the delivery of education, $306M for the construction of roads and bridges and $5M for agriculture development in Region Seven (7).

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