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Part of Covid-19 hospital to be prepared for cases of monkeypox- Health Minister

While there are no reported or recorded cases of monkeypox in Guyana at this time the Ministry of Health is making headways with preparation for this eventuality.

Minister of Health Dr Frank Anthony has announced that part of the Infectious Diseases Hospital, currently used to treat Covid 19 will be used to prepare for an outbreak of the pox locally.

Minister Anthony noted that already the country has the equipment needed to detect whether someone has the disease and they are also training personnel.

“We are preparing, although we don’t have any cases…If there are cases whenever we get cases, hopefully not but if we do get cases they will require hospitalisation, we have repurpose a section of the ocean view facility to prepare for such cases, ” he said.

Meanwhile, he noted that if there are reports of any cases, then they will do all in their reach to trace where and when the person contracted this disease.

Men who have sex with men are more vulnerable to contract the virus but it was also noted by Dr Anthony that other persons share the risk of contracting the virus.

Monkey pox was recently declared a global health emergency by the World Health Organisation (WHO).


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