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Parents ‘thankful’ for special needs grant as distribution commences in Georgetown

Dellorn Adams receiving her grant. [Photo: Ministry of Human Services and Social Security]

MTV News Update visited the Ptolemy Reid Rehabilitation Centre on Monday morning where the distribution process got underway with scores of parents and guardians showing up for their children’s grant.

Dellorn Adams, a single mother and the first parent to receive the Special Needs Fund, expressed gratitude. She told reporters that this would assist her in covering the costs of basic needs for her nearly three-year-old son.

Adams explained that sometimes her relatives would assist her with these items but it was all on her to provide the necessities for her son.

“I have to buy pampers and milk for my son because he don’t know to walk neither talk. I does gah lift he like a baby. He will be three Friday so I glad for the help.”

Our team also spoke to George Lewis, a grandfather of a 10-year-old boy with autism who said this would help him take care of his grandson in so many ways.

“Well it would help with the child a lot because basically we were stagnant in a position where the younger ones weren’t getting all they need. This would help with basic needs for him and so forth because he’s taken care of by me but this would help along the way.” Reana, a mother of three children living with permanent disabilities said she feels good since it will help her a lot with her three children.

“I have a seven, a twelve year old and an eight year old….I’m so grateful I received the cash grant and it’s for all three of them and I’m grateful for it.”

“I feel excited, a very good initiative for somebody to just reach out to a single parent when they have a child that is having a disability so it is a little help, it goes a long way,” another parent added.

Meanwhile, Minister of Human Services and Social Security Dr. Vindhya Persaud assured that there would be transparency and accountability in the distribution process as there are several layers of verification.

The distribution for Georgetown parents will last until Wednesday and East Coast and East Bank Demerara will follow. Approximately 5,000 children across Guyana will benefit from this grant.


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