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PAHO Director lauds primary health care system; urges countries to adopt Guyana’s best practices

Director of the Pan American Health Organisation (PAHO) Dr. Carissa Etienne

Director of the Pan American Health Organisation (PAHO) Dr. Carissa Etienne was impressed by Guyana’s “innovative” primary healthcare system during her recent visit, and hopes other countries will visit to learn from us.

The Government recently hosted PAHO Director Dr. Carissa Etienne in Guyana where they signed a five-year strategic note to develop Guyana’s health sector.

This compounds years of cooperation between Guyana and PAHO.

While the Government continues efforts for an overall improvement in the provision of healthcare services across the country, Minister of Heath Dr. Frank Anthony says the PAHO Director commended Guyana on an innovative primary health care system.

“She felt that there are many innovative things that are happening in Guyana, especially in the area of primary health care. She would like other countries to come and visit Guyana because there are many best practices and people from other countries can learn how we have been able to successfully implement some of these programmes.”

The Health Minister added that the Gov’t is open to hosting other countries.

“We are very open to allow persons to come and share our experiences with them. Hopefully, in the near future, we will start documenting this type of experience so that other countries can benefit as well.”

Other areas where Guyana and PAHO have collaborated in the past were in updating outdated ordinances in the Public Health Legislation and drafting the Suicide Prevention Bill.


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