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Over 30 women to receive free skills training in Region 10

Some of the trainees at the launch of the first cohort of training programmes in Region 10 [Photo: BIT/ June 03, 2024]

The growing economy in Region Ten will see almost 70 skilled persons enter the workforce in various sectors over the next four to six months.

This is following the launch of the first cohort of training programmes in the Region by the Board of Industrial Training (BIT) for 2024.

The launch, which saw the registration of 36 women and 33 men, was held at a ceremony held at the Linden Technical Institute (LTI), where prospective trainees, instructors, and supportive family members attended.

Chief Executive Officer (CEO) of the Board of Industrial Training, Richard Maughn [Photo: BIT/ June 03, 2024]

In a feature address, Chief Executive Officer (CEO) of the Board of Industrial Training, Richard Maughn, reminded the gathering that the launch of the programmes was made possible through the government’s investment in the human resource capital of the region and the country at large.

He urged them, therefore, to make the most of the opportunity and cited the persistence, curiosity, and collaboration principles as ones they should incorporate into their learning journey.

“You have to be persistent. Training and the development of skills take time and effort. You will have challenges, but don’t give up. Do not give in easily. Face the challenges, be persistent, and you will complete [the courses] successfully. Be curious. Do not be satisfied with the bare information received from your instructors, but seek to know more,” he stressed.  

The BIT CEO noted that collaboration, “is very important that you (trainees) understand that in the practical world, you do not work in isolation. Therefore, as trainees, you have to learn to work with each other. You should encourage each other to finish collectively. You start as a team, you finish as a team, and you graduate as a team.”

Chief Recruitment and Manpower Officer (CRMO) of the Ministry of Labour, Yolanda Grant, encouraged the trainees to harness the opportunities lying before them to shape better futures and career paths for themselves.

Some of the women, who is a part of the programme [BIT/June 03, 2024]

“Whether your aspirations lie in employment, within established enterprises, or embarking on entrepreneurial journeys of your own, this programme is designed to be the catalyst for your success,” she stated.

She highlighted that the trainees are receiving cost-free training at a time when Guyana’s economic landscape is morphing at an accelerated pace and noted that this is due to the government’s major push for investment in educational initiatives for its citizens.

Grant pointed out that this is not only to provide citizens with marketable skills but also to foster a culture of self-reliance and innovation.

The launch ceremony registered 35 Heavy-Duty Equipment Operation (HDEO) trainees, 14 Commercial Food Preparation trainees, 10 Electrical Installation trainees, and 10 A/C (Air Conditioner) Servicing and Repairs trainees.


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