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Over 20 youths prepped for jobs, equipped with geography skills after graduating from PYARG

Some of the graduates posing for a photo with, Mr Bentham and Mr. Felix

Several proud faces were on display on Thursday evening at the Helicona Restaurant as over 20 youths received their certification showing they are now equipped with knowledge in two key areas- namely map reading and navigational training and youth employability. The training programmes were conducted under the Presidential Youth Award Republic of Guyana (PYARG). This initiative falls under the Ministry of Culture, Youth and Sports.

The Map Reading and Navigational Training was done in collaboration with the Guyana Mining School. Vaughn Felix, the administrator of the Mining school said this training comes at a critical time and believes the skills acquired from this specific programme has tremendous long term benefits.

Mr. Felix presenting a certificate for the Map Reading and Navigational Training

“Guyana is developing, we are a changing country. GPS and Map Reading is very essential. Before oil and gas, mining was our highest revenue generated for our country, so learning this is something good. The students are young, they can actually go into that field and become miners, they could become GM for a mining camp and those are skills you would need,” he said.

Executive Officer of the PYARG Programme, Ivan Bentham noted the Ministry introduced the youth employability programme as they recognise the need to prepare youths for the job market.

Meanwhile, British High Commissioner, Jane Miller, spoke to MTV News Update and lauded the Ministry on initiating these training programmes. The High Commissioner said “young people need to be encouraged and that’s what this programme is for. It gives young people confidence, team building skills and resilience.”

There are several programmes currently being offered under the PYARG and persons who are desirous of signing up are asked to visit the office at Home Stretch Avenue where they can fill an application form. The programme targets youths between the ages of 14 to 24 and is free.


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