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Over 150 children to tee off Nexgen GolFun Summer Camp

Young girl refining her golf prowess at the Woolford Avenue Range (Photo: NexGen)

Close to 160 children tee off the Nexgen GolFun Summer Camp today where they will engage in Golf, Table Tennis, Archery, Physical Fitness Challenges, First Aid and Self Defence classes.

The NexGen GolFun Summer Camp will be held from August 15-27 at Woolford Avenue, Georgetown ground. This camp will allow children to experience a variety of sports and activities over a two-week period, with a large number of kids from Lions, Scouts, PYARG, and Enmore Orphanage participating as a result of contributions from corporate sponsors.

President of the Guyana Golf Association Aleem Hussain explained "We believe that by providing a variety of options for kids, we both engage their interest and expose hidden talents in areas we may not discover unless the kids have an opportunity to participate. Our sponsor base shows that there is a desire to support our Golf program and we plan on growing it to include other regions."

President of the Guyana Table Tennis Association and Vice President of the Guyana Olympic Association Godfrey Munroe expressed his support for the GolFun Camp "this is the type of activity allows our youngsters to be exposed to a variety of sports so they, not their parents may decide what suits them best. In both my capacities, I fully support and encourage other Associations to follow Aleem's model as it serves to develop athletes who enjoy their respective sport."

The children will have opportunities to engage in Golf, Table Tennis, Archery, Physical Fitness Challenges, First Aid and Self Defence classes and finish with a skills tournament for prizes and trophies based on age and gender.

The camp aims to introduce young boys and girls ages 3 to 18 to a range of sports and activities so they can later specialise in the areas they excel in.

Parents will be treated to complimentary massages, taught to fly a drone and engage in wine tasting and tea parties while they wait for the kids to complete classes.

The camp started in memory of Shafura Hussain and Coach Colin Ming, both of whom shared the vision of a better future for youths through sports, and is now in its third year.

154 participants will take part in the camp which runs from 16:00 to 18:00 hours every Monday, Wednesday and Friday.

Players will be provided with equipment, balls, coaching, snacks and water, icecream and will all receive a Certificate of Completion and take part in a skills competition by age and sex for chances to win trophies and prizes up to fifth place in each category.

For more information about the sport, or to register for the camp, stop by the Academy on Woolford Avenue or call 645-0944.


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