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Over 1000 house lots allocated in Region Three

part of region three

The Ministry of Housing and Water on Friday held a Dream Realised Housing drive in Region Three at the Uitvlugt Community Center Ground. There, some 1200 persons were allocated their house lots, taking them one step closer to their dream of being a homeowner.

The lots were allocated along the Stewartville and Meten-Meer-Zorg area.

Region Three is the second most demanded area for a house lot and there is currently a backlog of applications. However, Minister of Housing, Collin Croal assured, the Government is working its best and even trying to open up new lands all for this demand to be met. It is against this backdrop he also urged persons to not squat on lands that are not theirs.

“Whether we are in success we have to do the right thing, whether we are in Amelia’s Ward we have to do the right thing but we can’t just believe we will take anybody piece of land and make it their own and then behave as if we have the god given right to assume what we don’t own,” Minister Croal told the gathering.

“You have a very loving and caring President and Government, so we will work with all areas.”

Meanwhile, Minister within the Ministry, also assured the gathering the Ministry is working on pending applications but posited they are also working on various projects so as to ensure development in Region Three.

“We also have an aggressive construction drive and you will see hundreds of houses being constructed here in Region Three because we believe this is one of the fastest way we can assist you to get you into a home,” Rodrigues highlighted.

Additionally, with the massive housing development ongoing within the Region, which will eventually result in population growth, the Ministers highlighted several infrastructural works planned for the long term. These include the construction of the New Demerara Harbour Bridge and the Schoonard to Crane four lane highway.

The PPP/C Government has a target of allocating 50,000 houselots over a five year period.


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