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OVER $10 MILLION in CASH AND PRIZES up for grabs in Digicel “PICK AND WIN” Christmas Promotion

The Digital Operator's Christmas promotion, "PICK and Win," promises “more prizes to be won” through engaging digital interactions with its customers. These promotions are being held as a thank you from Digicel to their customers for support throughout the year.

The handset sale starts on November 16 and ends on December 31, while the PICK AND WIN promotion starts on November 16, 2022 and concludes on January 4, 2023.

To qualify, Prepaid and Postpaid customers must be on a Prime Bundle. Prepaid customers activating any Prime Bundle will earn an instant chance to PICK AND WIN a prize on the day of activation. Using the MyDigicel app, customer can then select one of three boxes for a chance to win digital prizes such as credit, data or a discount on their next Prime Bundle purchase.

On Wednesdays, prepaid and postpaid customers on any Prime Bundle will be GUARANTEED a digital or non-digital prize once they participate. Non-digital prizes include laptops, smartphones, tablets and cash prizes of $10,000 and $20,000.

For Prepaid customers, every day on a Prime Bundle earns you an entry into the grand prize draw. Postpaid customers, once their bills are paid on time and in full, will earn 30 entries into the grand prize draw.

Customers can keep track of their entries by dialing *122*4# Five hundred thousand dollars will be awarded to the first-place winner, three hundred thousand dollars will be awarded to the second-place winner, and the third-place winner will receive two hundred thousand dollars.

A Grand Prize drawing will be held on January 5th 2023.

In addition, Digicel is offering up to 50% off on selected handsets for the Christmas season. Customers can choose from Samsung A037 for only $31,000 and Logic L63 for just $15000.

And that’s not all; with the purchase of one of these handsets, you will receive a FREE monthly prime bundle that gives you 30 entries into the grand prize draw on January 5th.

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