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Opposition and Government clash over Cybercrime Act

Minister of Home Affairs Robeson Benn and Opposition Member of Parliament and Shadow Minister Geeta Chandon-Edmon clashed over the Cybercrime act during budget 2022 debate.

Chandon -Edmon called out the Government for allegedly "abusing" the bill while saying

"it was not intended to chase Mudwata and others it was intended to stop child pornography the sharing of nudes without permission and the use of electronic devices for terrorists activity it was never in vision to protect thin skins snowflakes from the Government from emotional abuse and trauma who are subjected to public criticism."

According to the Opposition MP "Guyanese are not voicing their opinion on these budget debates like in 2015" as a result of being scared they are targeted and charged under this act.

However, Minister of Home Affairs Robeson Benn in response to the opposition MP claim said

"the honourable member is avoiding the issue and not recognize a cybercrime when persons affiliated with the APNU/AFC of those issues"

Minister of Home Affairs ,Robeson Benn participating in Budget 2022 Debates

The Cybercrime Act was placed into law in 2018 under the APNU/AFC coalition Government .

Only recently Opposition Member of Parliament was arrested and placed on $200,000 bail for calling the Information Technology Manager of the Guyana Elections Commission, Aneal Gidding a "trench crappo" and "jaggabat" during an episode of his popular online show "in the rings".

Keron Bruce a popular Guyanese photographer was also recently arrested and placed on $100,000 bail for allegedly making 'unacceptable" comments about Leroy Smith a popular name in the media under his animation "Mudwata".


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