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One year later: Mother of teen killed in Farm accident cries for justice

Dead: Varshanie Ramroop

Today marks one year since 12-year-old Varshanie Ramroop was killed by an alleged speeding motor pickup at Farm, East Bank Essequibo (EBE), and the family is yet to receive justice.

On June 8, 2021, Varshanie, who hails from Parika Façade, EBE, was struck down by motor pickup GXX 7522, which was driven by Benjamin Parks while attempting to cross the road.

During an interview with MTV News Update, the victim’s distraught mother, Reshma Ramroop, expressed her frustration with the slothfulness of the Police investigations.

An emotional Reshma related that she believes the investigation is being prolonged “purposefully.”

“Every time we call the Commander at Leonora or sometimes, we go, they will say the matter deh DPP. Then we go to DPP, well normally when you go to DPP you don’t get to reach no one they tell you to full up a form, which we do that and actually from that now I keep calling the office telling them I want hear a word about this story and all they saying is that DPP go call me.”

The visibly frustrated mother recalled that her daughter was the “life” of the family and, in the same breath, recalled the harrowing news of her daughter’s death.

Varshanie and her mother Reshma

Even though it has been one year, Reshma stated that the wound is still fresh, and family members are still grappling with reality.

She recalled that she was at home when she received the news that her daughter was “knocked down.”

“Me husband had to go and pick her up and take her to the hospital. While going she pass away in he hand, then me and me son gone with a taxi at the hospital. When we reach deh now, they take she out, and I see she, and then they say they going and examine her and then we hear the news.”

Reshma described Varshanie as an intelligent girl and related that she was aspiring to be a flight attendant.

“I know she will do more good because she was the top student for the school and also I know she would have been the top for Region Three because all she exam them she does be top. I just can’t think about it. Every day, every moment, every thought I does think of she,” she contended.

To this end, the mother is calling on the Director of Public Prosecutions (DPP) to provide her with an update on her child’s case. She also relayed that she is willing to accept a settlement from the driver since she cannot get her daughter’s life back.

“We not getting no answer nothing. If they can come up to something, let we settle the story or something. I can’t really know what to say because all the cases coming up and nothing coming up about that story,” the still-grieving mother concluded.

Following the accident, Parks was charged with driving an uncertified and unlicensed motor vehicle. He was fined $10,000 for each charge and was later released on bail.

On Wednesday, Commander for Region Three, Senior Superintendent Mahendra Siwnarine, explained that the DPP has recommended an inquest, which has not begun.


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