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One person charged for unauthorised collection of school cash grant

Photo: MoE

Prior to the distribution of the ‘Because We Care’ cash grant, Education Minister Priya Manickchand had assured that the process would be transparent, and only recently she revealed that two envelopes containing the $30,000 cash grant went missing.

However, Minister Manickhand on Thursday informed journalists that one of the persons who collected the cash grant unauthorised was charged.

In one instance where the envelope went missing, it was alleged that a teacher signed for a parent and collected the grant, but the parent then showed up and was unable to access this grant as someone had already signed next to their name.

In the other case where the second envelope went missing, she explained that there is a possibility that two envelopes stuck together while the distribution process was ongoing.

“We have had to call in the police in at least two instances, and I believe in one of those instances, a person is actually charged for receiving the grant when he was not entitled to or authorised,” she told reporters at the sidelines of an event.

The Minister did not identify the specific charge. However, she reiterated that her Ministry is serious about ensuring the distribution exercise is transparent.

“I hope you’re understanding how very accountable the process is, that we are able to pick these things up very quickly and that we have taken action fully on any kind of honky ponky that happened. We didn’t see a lot of it, but we want you to understand if any of that happens, we will be ready to take actions,” she added.

The Minister also warned persons who already collected the grant and showed up to do so again that they would be charged while labelling their actions as dishonest. Auditors are present at all locations overlooking the process.


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