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‘One Guyana’ is not only a political concept; it’s about bringing economic prosperity - Pres. Ali

Following some claims about the ‘One Guyana’ initiative being a political gimmick meant to curry favour with citizens to gain votes, President Dr Irfaan Ali on Sunday assured citizens this is not the case.

Rather, he posited that the vision aims at ensuring that every citizen benefits from economic prosperity.

"One Guyana is about opening up doors and creating an environment in which every single citizen can participate in the development and advancement of our country. One Guyana ensures that your political rights, your freedom will always be respected, it is not dependent on that."

He maintains that to ensure that the economy grows, it is important that all Guyanese work together, which is the whole concept behind this initiative.

"We have to do it together and we are not going to fail by doing it separately. It is this type of collaboration that brings economic prosperity to your families and communities that will lead to the strengthening of relationships at the social level."

He said that achieving ‘One Guyana’ must start at the home.

"We have to show love in the home, you have to demonstrate love to your family, then you have to take that love to your community, to your region and then to the country. It cannot start without each one of us making a commitment."

The ‘One Guyana’ initiative was announced in February by President Ali during the 12th Parliament and is being led by Prime Minister Brigadier (Ret’d) Mark Phillips.


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