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NTC Head urges Amerindians to consume alcohol “responsibly” during Heritage Month

Chairman of the National Toshaos Council Derick John [Photo: MTV News Update]

Chairman of the National Toshaos Council (NTC), Derick John, is reminding Amerindians and others to consume alcohol “responsibly” during Heritage Month’s celebration.

Indigenous alcoholic drinks such as Fly and Piwari are consumed during Heritage Month, but there is often overindulging. In light of this, the NTC Chairman shared this cautionary note.

“I think that people have their own way of how they interpret responsible, but as mature people try to keep a leveled head,” John said in an interview with MTV News Update.

The Amerindian Ordinance of 1951 forbids the sale, barter, supply, and giving of alcohol to Amerindians. Still, this specific clause has continuously come in for huge criticism from several sections of society.

This year Amerindian Heritage Month is being observed under the theme ‘Celebrating our traditional culture while building one Guyana.’

Meanwhile, the Ministry of Amerindian Affairs has earmarked some $10 million to begin consultation on the Act. The Act will see increased benefits and secure rights of the Indigenous people while ensuring no rights or benefits are diluted.

This important piece of legislation came into effect in 2006 but has not been updated.

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