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Norton says AFC does not understand how a coalition operates

Opposition Leader Aubrey Norton

Opposition Leader Aubrey Norton says the Alliance For Change (AFC) does not understand how a coalition operates.

The Opposition Leader's comment comes in response to a question posed during this week's press conference.

The AFC- which is a part of the APNU+AFC coalition, recently announced that it would be leaving the coalition this year to stand on its two feet. Norton said the AFC is yet to officially inform him of their intention to pull out of the coalition.

"It is ideal and sometime foolish to believe that a coalition is going to be some unified arrow pointed straight at the target and will go straight to the target without levitation; anyone who take that approach seems not to understand coalition," Norton told a press conference on Tuesday.

He said that until the party officially indicates that they are parting ways with the APNU, they will continue to work with them towards achieving their political objective.

The AFC had decided to join hands with the APNU to contest the 2015 General and Regional Elections, and the coalition subsequently won.

They signed the Cummingsburg Accord, which clearly outlined the distribution of parliamentary seats and ministerial portfolios for each party.

However, former President David Granger had been accused of continuously violating the accord.


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