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‘Norton does his image no good when he makes uneducated outbursts’ - Nandlall

Attorney General Anil Nandlall.

Attorney General Anil Nandlall said Opposition Leader Aubrey Norton's 'uneducated outburst' is not doing his image and his party good. He made these remarks in response to the Opposition Leader's pronouncements on the Official List of Electors. Norton has signal his party's intention to block the 2025 General and Regional Elections unless the Official List of Electors has been cleansed.

President Irfaan Ali had stated that the list is not a problem and Nandlall echoed these statements during his television programme 'Issues in the News' on Tuesday evening. The Attorney General reminded that this was the same list the PPP/C won the elections in 2011 and the APNU+AFC in 2015.

He described Norton’s statements as creating ‘unnecessary tension’ in the country while noting that the law constitutes which list can be used during the general and regional elections.

“So Mr. Norton will not determine what list will be used, the law determines what type of list is used […] Mr Norton doesn’t make sense when he makes these public pronouncements and he does his image no good, he does his constituents no good, he does his party no good when he continues to make these vacuous, uneducated outbursts.” OPPOSITION'S NO SHOW AT PARLIAMENT The APNU+AFC Opposition also refrained from attending the parliamentary sitting on Monday where a number of important bills and a supplementary budget was to be debated.

Referencing this event, Nandlall made it clear that the government will not be affected by their absence as noted the welfare of the people and the country must continue to advance.

“Our government will not be affected or be stymied by boycotts of the opposition or by any shenanigans exhibited by the opposition. We were elected with a mandate to govern and we will govern in the interest of all the people of our country.”

“If the opposition wants to come onboard and play the important role that they’re supposed to play well then it’s a matter for them but we can’t force them to discharge their responsibilities,” Nandlall added. Opposition Leader Aubrey Norton during a rally said the opposition would be a no show after eight of their parliamentarians were suspended.

Nandlall reminded that when the Opposition is not present at the sitting, it is denying the constituents an opportunity to be represented.

Opposition Leader Aubrey Norton

“Who stopped the rest from attending?[...] I thought that if 8 of them were suspended that the others would be most anxious to attend the national assembly so that they can work a bit harder to provide the representation for their constituents […] but low and behold they took a position that all of them will deny their constituents representation.”


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