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Norton claims PPP/C political agents sabotaged legitimacy of Golden Grove protest

Aftermath of the Golden Grove protest. [Photo: Joseph Allen]

Opposition Leader and Leader of the PNC/R Aubrey Norton is claiming that the “protestors” turned looters were directed by the PPP/C and their political agents, with the aim of damaging the legitimacy of the Golden Grove protest.

What started as a peaceful protest for justice to prevail in relation to the shooting of Quindon Bacchus by a police officer escalated quickly, when the protestors started looting and assaulting vendors at the Mon Repos market on Tuesday.

Opposition Leader, Aubrey Norton.

In light of these recent events, Opposition Leader Aubrey Norton blames the government for these events, as he believes that the PPP/C Government is looking to provoke people into protest mode so that “they can shift attention from allegations of corruption.”

“It clearly is provoking the people of our country so that there is unrest so that they can instigate ethnic tension. Ethnic tension serves the interest of the corrupt, incompetent and divisive Ali/Jagdeo regime,” he said.

Norton claims that the protestors were infiltrated with persons whose intention was to only “damage the legitimacy of the protests.”

“Many of these marauders or looters are directed by the PPP and their political agents with the aim of damaging the legitimacy of the protests. The police must be pre-emptive and strategic in thwarting their efforts,” the Opposition Leader claimed.

The Opposition Leader has since condemned the violence and stated that all Guyanese must condemn the threat to the president’s life regardless of the circumstances.

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