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- Combination seating for each high school in the future

Children who are attending public schools will now have the comfort of sitting by themselves in school as the Ministry of Education has put systems in place to accommodate single seating. All schools were reopened on January 3, 2022 for face-to-face learning; however, soon after parents took to social media to complain of their children sitting two in a bench despite the need for social distancing.

It is mandatory for persons in public spaces or buildings to stay six feet apart from each other. The Ministry of Education on Wednesday said they have taken note of the complaints and therefore before the end of this week, children will no longer be sitting ‘two in a bench’ during school hours. This was disclosed by the Minister of Education, Priya Manickchand on her Facebook page. The Education Minister said,

"As far as we can, given physical space challenges, we will move to combination seating (desk and chair in one structure for each child in High School) over the next year."

Meanwhile, a number of KN95, N95 masks and surgical masks have been made available by the Ministry for all teachers across the country. The Department of Education is expected to immediately get these protective masks in the hands of the teachers. Minister Manickchand noted that these masks are in addition to what was sent before by the ministry and is in response to the medical professional’s recommendation for a higher quality of mask to be worn. The Ministry is also encouraging all students to get vaccinated against the coronavirus.

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