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“No major increase in (covid) cases this year” – Health Minister

The Health Minister says this year has shown a significant decline in covid cases, stating this as a positive sign though noting that persons are not coming forward to get tested.

There are currently 47 active cases of covid-19 in Guyana, with the densely populated Region Four leading the stats with 25.

Minister of Health Dr. Frank Anthony says this shows a significant decline in cases, with Guyana having confirmed 71,403 since the onset of the pandemic in 2020.

“We haven’t seen a major increase in cases. In fact, for this year 2022 so far we have recorded for the year 31,329 cases of covid-19. In January, we had our highest amount of cases where we had 19,900 cases.”

Cases declined to 2570 in February, then to 379 in March, further declining to 267 in April, rising again in May to 1686 and in June to 2715 before dropping to 2456 in July, then continuously declining.

August showed 1032 cases, September 287, and for October so far 37.

The Health Minister did however caution that not many people have been coming forward to get tested and therefore he urges that precautions still be taken indoors and in crowded spaces to stay safe.

“Well there are still people who are infected with covid. While we have been tracking 47 cases, this is probably an underestimation because there are lots of people who might have flu-like symptoms which are the typical symptoms one would get. The idea is, if you want to remain safe, you should wear a mask. Especially if you are in a crowded area.”

As of today there has been one new covid case, with two covid positive persons currently housed at the Infectious Diseases Hospital.

Infectious Diseases Hospital, Liliendaal (Photo: DPI)

Since the hospital was commissioned in September 2020, persons were not permitted to visit. However, the Minister said recently that persons will be allowed in from this week with proper safety protocols in place.


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