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No increase in bus fare expected

- Minibus Union President says they have to "think about how others are affected."

Minibus drivers for the past weeks have been calling for an increase in bus fares following the steady increase in fuel price.

However, President of the United Minibus Union Eon Andrews said that while he understands the operators’ concern a fare increase is not expected.

Mr Andrews said that it is important that bus operators understand that this increase can impact the lives of many people.

“Commuters have to travel and if you are getting an increase and they are getting nothing. There is a person out there they may be a public servant, they may have a few children they are finding it very tough to budget for the survival of their family.”

The union’s president is reminding the operators that Government has no control over the situation. However, he explained that talks are currently ongoing with the Ministry of Tourism on ways they can alleviate the situation.

The price of fuel and diesel has seen an increase following the ongoing crisis between Russia and Ukraine.

Minibus operators had told News Update earlier in the month that they are feeling the impact of the increase and even more so the rising cost of living.

Currently, gas prices in the various gas stations stand at $246 (GYD) per litre.


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