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No. 47 Village woman dies after being stabbed by ex-husband in second attack

A bitter separation between a young couple has ended deadly after 24-year-old Cindy Ramchandar of No. 47 village was stabbed multiple times by her ex-husband early Monday morning.

The deceased was on her way home from dropping off a young relative at her aunt’s house around 6:00 hours on an electric bike when she was attacked by her ex-husband who was armed with a knife. She was picked up and rushed to Skeldon Hospital where she was pronounced dead on arrival.

Anita Tribhowan - Aunt of Cindy Ramchandar
Anita Tribhowan - Aunt of Cindy Ramchandar

Aunt of the deceased, Anita Tribhowan told MTV News Update that the man had made several threats toward her niece and even attacked her before and slashed her hand with a knife. She said that the matter was reported to the police but nothing came out of it.

According to Tribhowan, she was at home when her son informed her that her niece was stabbed “ I don't know how this boy attack she so fast because this boy ah live in New Amsterdam and I don't know how this boy meet front the health centre and he hide back one truck with he car and he rush up to the girl with the scooter and he stab she”

MTV News Update understands that the deceased moved out of the home she once shared with the man after he refused to allow her to associate with relatives and friends. It was when the mother of the deceased was leaving the country to go overseas, that the suspect refused to allow her to go with her to the airport and told her that she should leave with her belongings if she only followed her mother to the airport.

According to information received, only recently the suspect visited Ramchandar on the Corentyne and attempted to stab her with a knife. On that occasion, she received cuts about the arm and later reported the matter to the police but nothing came out of the report.

Ramchandar's body is presently at the Skeldon Hospital mortuary awaiting a post-mortem examination.

Crime scene investigators are currently on the scene interviewing eyewitnesses as they attempt to locate the suspect who escaped in a silver motor car.


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