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Nigerian national who attempted to infiltrate State House in critical condition in ICU

Ikena Chinezie

The Nigerian national who stormed State House on Thursday morning and stabbed a Presidential Guard five times before disarming him of his firearm is in critical condition in the Georgetown Public Hospital’s Intensive Care Unit (ICU).

A well-placed source told MTV News Update that Ikena Chinezie underwent surgery and is now in the ICU, battling to stay alive.

If he does, the source related that he would be in bad condition given the injuries he sustained during the exchange of gunfire with Presidentials Guards.

Moreover, our team was informed that a meeting was held with State officials to assess the situation.

We reported earlier that the incident occurred at State House’s southern guard hut on Carmichael Street at about 07:30h.

Investigation revealed that a security detail was on duty at the southeastern guard hut adjacent to Carmichael Street when a male of mixed-race ethnicity confronted the security, stating: "I want the President.”

The male then drew a knife from the waist of his pants and stabbed one of the male Police ranks that were on duty five times to his neck and about his body. The suspect relieved a rank who was part of the security detail of his firearm.

The male drew the firearm, retreated to Carmichael Street, and fired several rounds. The security detail returned fire, injuring the suspect.

A 9MM pistol and seven 9MM spent shells were retrieved. The suspect and the Police rank were rushed to the Georgetown Public Hospital for medical attention.

The rank who was stabbed regained consciousness about an hour ago. The President and his family are safe.

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