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New 'One Guyana' $2000 bill to be circulated on Valentine's day

The Bank of Guyana have announced that the new $2000 bill which depicts President Dr Irfaan Ali ‘s 'One Guyana’ will on Monday be in circulation.

The new $2000 bill.

Some of the characteristics of the new bill includes the map of Guyana with its natural resources on the right, the Crest of the Bank in the Centre, a clear complex window with an image of a jaguar as well as the value of the note which is on the left. The words ‘Bank of Guyana’ are printed above the crest and "These notes are legal tender for payment of any amount" are printed below. Vice President Dr. Bharrat Jagdeo’s signature as well as the Governor of the Bank also appears below the crest. The serial numbers are horizontal on the top right and vertical on the left and the value ($2000) is imprinted at the top left and bottom right corners. Printed to the left of the Clear Complex Window is "55 Independence Anniversary" along with the slogan "One Guyana". The reverse side of the note has the slogan "One Guyana" surrounded by the faces of children representing Guyana's six ethnicities. A Wai Wai patter is on the left corner, a secondary Window is at the right of the Wai Wai pattern and the National Motto is printed below the Wai Wai pattern and at the top right side. The size of the note is 156 x 65mmis and it is multi –coloured.


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