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New lawyer details journey of attending law school and planning father’s funeral

Newly admitted Attorney-at-Law Quilena Stuart

Behind every academic success is a unique and exciting story of hard work, sacrifice, and dedication.

This was the case for newly admitted Attorney-at-Law Quilena Stuart, who graduated from the Trinidad-based Hugh Wooding Law School (HWLS) last Saturday with her Legal Education Certificate (LEC).

High Court Judge Sandra Kurtzious presented her petition before acting Chief Justice Roxane George-Wiltshire, SC, at the Demerara High Court. Stuart recounted that her journey to this feat was not easy, but with the help of God, she made it.

The young lawyer recalled that her dad passed away on September 18, 2021, a few days before Law School reopened for Year Two.

“I remember attending classes while planning his funeral, and I realized that the world doesn’t stop for anyone. It just continues,” Quilena recounted.

She added, “It took a lot of strength and support from my mother, brothers, partner, relatives and friends in order to be mentally strong to complete this journey.”

Despite being unable to share the moment with her dad, she said she knows he is proud of her. In fact, she noted that her mother and late father had been her pillars in life and her biggest supporters.

“This was a lifelong dream of mine, and I owe it to my parents, Sylvia Janice Stuart and the late Daniel Royston Stuart, who both stood by my side and encouraged and motivated me.

They both made great sacrifices to ensure that my tuition fees were paid and also in providing a safe and comfortable environment for me to thrive.”

As an Attorney-at-Law to practice law in Guyana, Quilena said she intends to uphold the law and the standards, values and traditions set before her.

“As I embark on this journey, it is my aim to be someone that is honest and respectful, someone of integrity who will abide by the laws of the Co-operative Republic of Guyana and maintain the ethical standards of the profession.”

Notably, Quilena and her partner Joel Ross graduated with their Legal Education Certificates. She noted they both passed through CSEC and CAPE, along with the University of Guyana’s Bachelor’s Degree in Law.

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