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National Stadium, Urban Center; National Technical Training slated for Region 6 – President

President Dr Irfaan Ali on Monday led a ministerial team to Region Six (East Berbice- Corentyne) in keeping with his commitment to embark on an ‘enormous and energetic’ outreach campaign.

Residents at the cabinet outreach (Photo: Office of the President.)

During his first meeting at Smithfield, New Amsterdam, President Ali made a few major announcements.

He said the region is slated to get its own National Stadium which will be accompanied by a new urban centre to support the development. Discussion is also ongoing to upgrade the aerodrome at Rose Hall Canje into a municipal similar to the Ogle Airport.

President Dr Irfaan Ali. (Photo: Office of the President.)

"We already have proposals for a state-of-the-art modern hotel, mall, private hospital, and a whole lot more of other commercial activity that will come here and will commence before the end of this year, these are the real plans." He noted too that his administration is working on an agreement for a deep-water harbour to be developed in Berbice which will pave the way for the creation of thousands of jobs in the county. President Ali said very soon the construction of two call centres will commence in Region Six which will create hundreds of jobs. He also said there are six proposals in the pipeline to set up small refineries in the region.

In addition to this, a National Technical Training Center will be constructed in the region which will be housing the Hospitality Institute. A sum of $160M will be used in phase one of the project. "This is the centre that will train our young people in Guyana in different areas for oil and gas and guess what? the hospitality institute will be part of that centre these are the real investments." The Head of State also said that the Government will be providing the resources to make textbooks available for secondary school students. Already, the Government used $108M to provide textbooks for more than 24,000 primary school children in Region Six. In addition to textbooks, President Ali said the Government will be launching a 'breakfast programme' for vulnerable children in Regions Six and Five. He said these investments are necessary to uplift all Guyanese.

"That would see tens of millions of dollars being invested here in this region, these are the real programmes and policies, these are not fantasies…these are fundamental policies and programs that the Government is bring to children and to you the people of Region Six." The road from New Amsterdam to Moleson Creek will also be widened and resurfaced and thousands of acres of land will be made available for farming activities. The PPP/C since taking office in August 2020 has conducted several outreach exercises in keeping with its promise to directly engage residents in all the administrative regions.

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