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National Junior and Cadet Table Tennis Championships serve off Saturday

The National Junior and Cadet Table Tennis Championships serve off this Saturday, open for all local players 19-and-under who register by this Friday.

Matches will be played in nine events this Saturday January 22nd and Sunday January 23rd at the Cliff Anderson Sports Hall.

Jonathan Van Lange, who took part in the inaugural Junior Pan American Games last year, is expected to compete in the event.

Jonathan Van Lange


The event will be open to all table tennis players 19-and-under who are members in good standing of the Guyana Table Tennis Association (GTTA).

The championships will be conducted in accordance with the current Laws of the International Table Tennis Federation (ITTF).

Singles Events: The system of play will be based on the amount of entries using an approach of knockout using best of seven, or first stage round-robin basis in groups of even numbered players.

If there are five or less players, the event will be played as a round-robin without knock-out. In this format, two players advance from each group to the second stage which will be played in a knock-out format.

Doubles events: The numbers of groups will be decided by the Technical Director and the referee in cooperation with the organizing committee.

Winners from the groups with the highest ranked seeded players shall have byes in the first round of the second stage, in ranking order. All matches will be played to the best of 5 games and as indicated in the knockout rounds.

Entry fees are GYD $1000 for all categories except the novices who will pay GYD$500.

Winners runners-up and semi-finalist will be awarded with medals of gold, silver and bronze in all events.

Draws will take place when registration closes on Friday January 19th where seeding for all the events will be done based on results of placing in last national championships or domestic competitions in the first instance or according to international ranking if currently available for players that did not participate in domestic tournaments estimated or last rank of player in previous competition.

Strict Covid-19 safety guidelines will be enforced:

  • Temperature checks, washing and sanitizing of hands upon entry on arrival

  • Wearing of masks by non-competing players at all times when in playing venue

  • Only players whose categories are in progress will be allowed to play on the tables

  • A meeting will be held to discuss all protocols

  • Persons infringing the Covid-19 guidelines will be debarred from further participation in the competition

The senior tournament will be played on the following weekend.

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