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-Minister Gail "hopes better sense prevails "after decision is invoked.

During the last seating of the National Assembly ,APNU/AFC parliamentarians displayed disruptive behavior as described by the Irfaan Ali led administration .

The Members of Parliament during the passage of the Natural Resource Fund Bill were seen blowing whistles and chanting loudly "NO THIEVING BILL MUST PASS" and even stole the speaker's mace.

Following the series of events ,Speaker of the National Assembly Manzoor Nadir ,had warned the MPs that they will face penalties for their "disorderly" behavior.

While the Speaker had not given any insight as to what penalties they will face, Minister of Parliamentary Affairs and Governance, Gail Teixeira says this will be decided upon when the National Assembly meets next Monday.

"The speaker can call for the Minister of Governance to call for the suspension of x number of members, the speaker can also be willing that the matter go to the privilege committee and the Government can go to the speaker to call for x number of members to go to the privilege committee ,so there are a number of option and on Monday on will definitely be invoked."

Teixera says

Teixeira says she is not sure as to what reaction the decision will bring because the leadership of the APNU/AFC coalition supported the "worst" behavior ever displayed in any seating of the National Assembly.. as she described.

"I would hope that in the period between December 29th and January 24th that good sense has prevail and that the MPs on the opposition side and the APNU/AFC as a coalition a party recognize that there have to be boundaries, there have to be limit and the behaviour of the MPs was unacceptable."

She however notes the decision decided upon by the Members of the National Assembly will not stop the police from their own intervention or actions that they may want to input about the MPs behavior.

"That does not preclude any action that the police may or may not want to take in regards to what was damage in Public the maze in public property the control room was public property and of course the assault on a member of staff there are issues that if it happens outside of the chambers or outside there are matters that I believe the police would have an interest in they will determine what action they can take against the perpetrators."

During the passage of Budget 2021, APNU/AFC Chief Whip Christopher Jones and Opposition Member Sherod Duncan were suspended after continuously disrupting the process while the considerate estimates were being read.

The Aubrey Norton led coalition has received numerous criticism from the Government, Private bodies and citizens for the behaviour displayed on December 28. last.


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