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National Assembly approves 1.85B for Parliament Office, $27.7M for Leader of the Opposition Office

The Office of the Leader of the Opposition (A DPI Photo)

The National Assembly on Monday approved a sum of of more than $1.85 billion (1,852,411,000) for the Parliament's office.

Of that amount, a total of $1.8 billion has been allocated for current expenditure while $50 million was allocated for capital expenditure.

Under the $1.8 billion approved under current expenditure a sum of $27.7 million has been approved for the Leader of the Opposition Office.

The $50 million approved under capital expenditure will be spent as followed new bag scanner for $5 million, $5 million for the Leader of the Opposition Office ,15 million for camera and $6.5 million for furniture.

Minister of Parliamentary Affairs, Gail Teixeira explained to the National Assembly that the expenses for camera included that from last year and that "it was urgent and needed".

Current expenditure is defined as money needed for day to day management and operations while capital expenditure refers to money being spent on assets for long term benefit.


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