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“My Gov’t desires to show no partiality”- Ali says Guyana welcomes Chinese for National Development

President Irfaan Ali and Chinese Ambassador to Guyana, Guo Haiyan [Photo: DPI/June 30,2022]

Guyana and China on Wednesday celebrated 50 years of diplomatic relationship, and President Irfaan Ali, who delivered the feature address at the celebration ceremony, said that his Government has a ‘One Guyana’ policy, and this is why the country welcomes China’s contribution to national development.

“My Government desires to show no partiality, and this is why Chinese nationals, like nationals of any other countries, are welcomed to our country’s national development,” the Head of State noted.

In recent months, there have been allegations about Chinese businesses receiving special favour in the award of significant contracts, but there has been no evidence at this time to back this claim.

Ali added that China has contributed significantly to the nation’s development in almost all sectors, including health, education, communications, and technology.

“China’s contribution to our country’s development has been immense; 50 years of relation has laid the foundation for 50 more years of sustain friendship.”

The Head of State pledged his commitment to advancing relationships with the country and posited that collaboration is critical for development. Furthermore, he also welcomed the support of all future and current partners.

Meanwhile, the Chinese Ambassador to Guyana, Guo Haiyan, also pledged her commitment to working with Guyana for people-centred development.

“We believe that the mutual beneficial and cooperation between Guyana and China will bear more fruit and bring more tangible benefit to the country and people.”

Guyana and China established diplomatic relations on 27 June 1972.

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