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Move away from the G’town only mindset- Min. Croal to persons who refuse to take up lands elsewhere

Updated: May 18, 2022

Minister of Housing and Water Collin Croal said his ministry is working assiduously to address applicants who are waiting on their house lots.

However, he explained the backlog in many instances include ‘pending applicants’.

Speaking during a recent interview Minister Croal said, “There have been many instances where persons have been called from one point in time for an allocation but simply because of where they were being offered they did not take up the offer.”

The Housing Minister said this must not continue since the lands they are allocating are what is available.

According to Mr Croal these areas will be developed into housing schemes and be equipped with amenities.

“In some cases people want to remain close by, they say that their family is right here in Georgetown and they want to remain close by…we have to move away from that mindset, at the end of the day, it is where lands are available that what we are offering,” Minister Croal expressed.

Meanwhile, Croal said the Government is well on its way to delivering 50,000 houselots during their first term. Already, 11,000 house lots were allocated during the last 18 months.

Only yesterday, President Irfaan Ali announced the Government’s intention to launch a Home Construction Assistance Facility for persons who have house lots but are unable to construct their homes.

Interested persons will be required to register at a unit that will be established shortly. They will have to select the preference from three standard pre-designed model homes at a cost of $7M, $9M and $12M.

"Government will also undertake the construction of the home on behalf of the applicant and deliver to the applicant a complete home in accordance with the options selected. We expect that this measure will help to dramatically accelerate the capacity of Guyanese families, to own and occupy their own home and house lots that they have already owned or that they have been allocated but on which they are currently having difficulties,” the President explained.


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