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Mount Sinai experts working to advance Guyana’s healthcare system

Government of Guyana Announces National Healthcare Initiative in Collaboration with the Mount Sinai Health System and Hess Corporation (Photo: Mount Sinai, July)

Health Minister Dr Frank Anthony says teams have already started visiting Guyana to enhance healthcare systems, with improvements in healthcare services provided by the Georgetown Public Hospital Corporation (GPHC) expected to improve within the next few months.

In July, President Irfaan Ali announced a collaboration with the Mount Sinai Health System, an internationally recognised healthcare provider, to transform Guyana’s health sector by developing high-quality primary care, specialised services in cardiology and oncology, and significant improvements at the Georgetown Public Hospital Corporation.

Health Minister Dr Frank Anthony revealed that, to date, specialist teams from Mount Sinai have already visited and begun work in Guyana.

“The Head of Oncology at Mount Sinai was here, the Head of Nuclear Radiation was here, and a number of other experts that came in. So they did an assessment of what we currently have and what we need to put in.”

“The idea is we’re starting at Georgetown Hospital, but the changes that we’re putting in would be replicated to other regional hospital.”

He added that a team from Mount Sinai also visited earlier this week to work specifically on Electronic Medical Records.

The full team of experts from Mount Sinai includes more than 40 individuals from the Mount Sinai Health System, including Mount Sinai International and the Arnhold Institute of Global Health, arms of Mount Sinai.

“We have a team from Mount Sinai Morningside Hospital that is working directly with the management of the Georgetown Hospital. Last week that team was here, and they have met different levels of leadership at the hospital, and they have gone through a work plan, so over the next few months, you will start seeing changes and improvement in how we work at the hospital.”

Minister Anthony says there have also been productive discussions toward better diabetes treatment. He intends to focus on this, then continue to work towards enhancing healthcare for other chronic, non-communicable diseases.

The Mount Sinai Health System is one of the best and largest academic medical systems in New York, with more than 43,000 employees working on comprehensive health care solutions across a wide range of medical fields.

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