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Update: Mother of one found dead wrapped in plastic bag

THE Police are making efforts to apprehend a soldier who is suspected to be behind the killing of an East Canje Berbice woman who's lifeless body was found wrapped in plastic and dumped in a clump of bushes at Courtland on the Corentyne on Thursday.

Dead is 29 year old Donalesa Park.

She reportedly left her home at about 13:00 hours on Wednesday to visit the suspect on the Corentyne to uplift a quantity of cleaning detergent but was never seen or heard from since.

Her uncle, Mortimer Amsterdam, told reporters at the Port Mourant Hospital that he received information that a body was found on the Corentyne. He said family members then visited the location, they discovered that the body was that of their relative.

She was discovered opposite the house where she was expected to uplift the items.

Investigations are currently ongoing.

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