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Mother demands answer from orphanage following the death of her 12-year-old daughter

Dead: 12-year-old Ravatti Pooran.

Several weeks ago, a vehicle on the Industry Public Road struck down 12-year-old Ravatti Pooran while she was crossing the road.

Weeks after the accident, she died at the Georgetown Public Hospital, and her funeral was held today at Sandy’s Funeral Home.

Her mother, Melissa ‘Samantha’ Ragnauth, is claiming negligence on the orphanage’s part and is demanding answers.

Samantha told MTV News Update ,“We went by the orphanage [following the accident] and we asked the lady how the girl was outside? She said how she sent out her two grandchildren on the road and she ain’t know when Revatti walked out from the yard.”

“I am trying to say that if you send out the two children from the orphanage, you suppose to watch they go out and lock the gate back and when they come back they should of close the gate back. So if the gate ain’t lock now nothing like this would have happened, she wouldn’t go out.” The mother is still trying to process the death of her daughter. Ravatti had been in the Bless the Children orphanage home for eight years.

“I feel really really sad, heartbroken. Only thing I want to know how she get out from the orphanage cause they supposed to be keeping the gate locked, people steady on the road, they said the children on the road steady riding bicycle to go to the shop.” Samantha explained that her daughter was taken into the orphanage as a consequence of some domestic issues with her husband. “He say he rather put them to the orphanage.” She is now looking to take back her two sons, who are still in the orphanage’s care. Calls to the orphanage for a comment proved futile.

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