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Moruca Expo on track for this weekend; More inclusiveness in this year’s exposition – A-REO

Assistant Regional Executive Officer Basil Cornelius

The annual Moruca Expo will open on Friday, August 26, with games and a farmers market, hosted under the theme “Promoting and Empowering for a Prosperous and Transformed Moruca.”

During a recent interview with MTV News Update, Assistant Regional Executive Officer Basil Cornelius said that the RDC is planning to change things around this year.

Basil explained that over the past years, the events were always hosted in Kumaka and not the other villages.

“The difference that we want to bring to this expo is more inclusiveness of villages, more participation. For example, this year, we would have included the Waramuri Village also to be part of ‘hosts’ for this activity.”

“They will be doing all the sports at the Waramuri Mission, and we will still be holding an exhibition at the Kumaka Mission on the same day. We want our sub-region to feel more a part of the Moruca Expo. This is the start of the inclusiveness that we want,” Cornelius explained.

He said this was one of the major setbacks faced by the council when hosting this much-anticipated event over the past two years.

Agricultural products, byproducts, craft, and their way of life will be on display at the exposition.

Eight villages will be participating, with the highlight of the exposition being the Miss Moruca Pageant on the night of August 27.

Eight beauties will be vying for the Miss Moruca crown to represent Region One at the Miss Amerindian Heritage Queen slated next month.


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