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More training opportunities for women, youths as BIT sign MOUs with GEA, Volunteer Youth Corps Inc

More training opportunities will be made available for Guyanese youths and women, as the Board of Industrial Training (BIT) on Tuesday signed two Memoranda of Understanding (MOU) with Volunteer Youth Corps Inc and the Guyana Energy Agency (GEA).

The first MOU was signed with the Guyana Energy Agency, to train 200 women in Regions Seven and Nine in the area of business training and the building and maintenance of Solar Photovoltaic equipment. 

The training aims to enhance the capacities of the women, including women living with disabilities, for their involvement in the emerging solar energy sub-sector and their Productive Use of Energy (PUE).

The training is divided into two tranches and targets two (2) groups of participants.

The Small Business Bureau (SBB) will deliver the business training while BIT will conduct training in the building and maintenance of Solar Photovoltaic equipment.

Chief Executive Officer of GEA, Dr. Mahendra Sharma said, “The BIT is supporting us along with the Small Business Bureau to train the 200 women. We have been working with the Ministry of Human Services and Social Security and the Ministry of Labour. […] We are training electricians on that side and we are training you to develop solar PV panels on this side. So this is a holistic approach.”

Volunteer Youth Corps Inc will be providing training opportunities in electrical installation, welding and fabrication, air conditioning and refrigeration. 

According to a representative of the Volunteer Youth Corp Inc, Ronda Thomas this programme will last for six months, with the agency working with persons for four days.

“The technical equipment and the kits will be provided by the Board of Industrial Training (BIT). We’re pleased about that and also the support of stipend to the students,” Thomas said.

Chief Executive Officer of BIT Richard Maughn said the agency is looking to do more with the Guyana Energy Agency and the Volunteer Youth Corp Inc.

Meanwhile, the Minister of Labour Joseph Hamilton who delivered the feature address said it is important to include women in TVET training opportunities.

He also noted that it is important to collaborate with agencies so that there will be no confusion in the delivery of services. 

“We cannot afford to exclude from technical and vocational training more than half of the population,” the Minister highlighted.

All two MOUs were signed at the Regency Suites Hotel in the presence of the Labour Minister.


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