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More teachers returning to serve the country- Min. Manickchand

Hon. Priya Manickchand, Education Minister (Photo:DPI)

A number of teachers are returning to Guyana with the intention of providing their services to the local education sector, so says Education Minister Priya Manickchand.

Minister Manickchand while participating in a discussion on ‘The Guyana Dialogue’ highlighted that she was able to come to that conclusion as there have been a number of requests to waive the penalty for teachers who trained in Guyana but ‘did not honour their commitment’.

She maintains that she made that statement without any form of judgement.

Teachers who undergo training in Guyana are required to provide their service locally for a certain number of years before they can move away and teach elsewhere.

However, this is often not the case.

“We are not seeing a large exodus and definitely not in an organised way. There are people who leave and when you live in the global village we live in it’s going to be hard to tell people they can’t move on.”

The Education Minister did not provide any further details on the topic of possibly waiving the penalty but maintains that Guyana welcomes their diaspora back.

Apart from ‘not honouring their commitment’ teachers often leave to pursue tertiary studies in other countries and some even migrate because of their families.

Minister Manickchand also highlighted the need for persons wishing to pursue a career in the world of teaching to be trained as access to quality education remains a commitment and top priority for her Ministry.

Just recently it was announced that all teachers would be required to register with the Cyril Potter College of Education to get trained.


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