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Money and processed fish for affected fish vendors at Mon Repos market

Updated: Jul 5, 2022

Aditya Persaud, Senior Compliance Officer (MoA) interacting with some beneficiaries (Photo: Kriskal Singh MTV)

Fourteen fish vendors from the Mon Repos market on Friday received support from the fisheries department of the Ministry of Agriculture.

Each of the vendors received 70lbs of processed banga and this intervention was made to provide them with some form of assistance to return to their livelihood. This is according to Senior Compliance Officer of the Ministry of Agriculture, Aditya Persaud.

In an invited comment, Persaud told MTV News Update that "As soon as we the Ministry of Agriculture] heard about what went on the day of the protest and the damages that was done to our fisher-folks especially the Minister took it upon himself to find some solution because they are fishermen in the sea and these guys are selling and they were affected the most that day.”

Human Services Minister, Dr.Vindhya Persaud

The protest that the senior compliance officer mentioned above saw scores of vendors attached to the Mon Repos market suffering millions of dollars in losses after being looted and beaten by “protesters.”

The protest erupted on Tuesday after an online social media outlet published an inaccurate post saying that the police officer who was in custody for fatally shooting Quindon Bacchus was released.

This is not the only way in which vendors as a whole will receive support. President Irfaan Ali has announced that all who suffered losses will be fully compensated and this process has begun.


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