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Mon Repos vendors start receiving compensation- President Ali

Vendors of the Mon Repos market have begun receiving compensation for their goods lost during a peaceful turned violent protest on Tuesday.

However, it quickly escalated, and many used the opportunity to loot and beat vendors of the Mon Repos market.

Following the escalation of the series of events, President Irfaan Ali met with the affected citizens and assured them that they would be compensated for their losses. According to him, this promise is already being fulfilled.

“We have even started to give some compensation because a lot of people had to go back to their livelihood; they don’t have any capital to get back to their livelihood.”

When asked how many persons will benefit from this initiative and what is the total sum allocated, the Head of State said it is an ongoing assessment but assured that the information will be shared “because it has to come from the state resources.”

The massive protest, which began at Golden Grove, erupted after a popular social media outlet made a post suggesting that the police officer who fatally shot Quindon Bacchus was released.

MTV News Update, who was on the scene that day, reported that scores of businesses were forced to close their doors, and hundreds of commuters were forced to return home for their safety as several roads in various villages were blocked off.

A death threat was even directed to the President by a “protestor,” who has since been arrested. Additionally, 16 persons were charged with ‘riotous behaviour’ during the protest.


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