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Mon Repos/La Reconnaissance NDC says they were only able to collect 53% of rate and taxes

- As a result of the COVID-19 pandemic

Chairman of the Mon Repos /La Reconnaissance Neighbourhood Democratic Council Ayube Mohammed, says the COVID 19 pandemic has posed a “challenge” to the council as it relates to the collection of rates and taxes.

The NDC Chairman told News Update that

“a lot of people are not paying up their rates and taxes a lot of them are complaining due to the COVID 19 situation that things are hard”

Reana Griffith sits down with Mr. Ayube Mohamed, Chairman of the Mon Repos /La Reconnaissance NDC

On the topic of collection of rates and taxes, Mr. Mohamed revealed that the NDC was only able to retrieve 53 percent.

With just over 50 percent of rates and taxes collected the NDC Chairman said the council was unable to complete a number of works that included

“Installation of the culvert, repairs to roads, the building of bridges, cleaning of parapets, cleaning of drains and a whole host of other things.”

When asked what steps are being taken by the council to ensure that persons pay their rates and taxes in a timely manner the Chairman said “as a caring NDC we do not want to pressure them.”

However, he is optimistic that people will pay their rates and taxes this year.

For context, rates and taxes are paid to an NDC to offset expenses of works the council provides to the community.

According to the Ministry of Local Government and Regional, Development properties are valued at the rate set by the Council after the completion of the valuation process. Ratepayers are expected to pay their rates annually since interest is calculated on any outstanding amount.

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