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Mohammed Roshandin wins GMR&SC ‘Dakota 100’ Endurance Series

Winning racers pose with prizes (Photo: GMR&SC)

The ‘Dakota 100’ Endurance race was watered down after heavy rainfall resulted in a shortened race and even an accident on Sunday last.

The Guyana Motor Racing and Sports Club (GMR&SC’s) ‘Dakota 100’ was the second Endurance meet on this year’s racing calendar.

The 100 lap race at South Dakota Circuit was reduced to just 21 laps when racers called it a day on Sunday afternoon.

Increasing rainfall led to Driver Danny Persaud being involved in an accident, but he walked away unharmed.

GMR&SC Committee member Gavin Guyadin said, “Because of the slippery conditions, and he has one of the faster cars there, he lost control at a high speed turn. That is also another reason we called it a day as well.”

GMR&SC Vice-President, Mohammed Shiraz Roshandin, won the event with Steven Nobrega coming in second, and Reyad Hamid third.

No points were awarded for the event due to the race being called off early but racers were given trophies based on positions of drivers at the end.

The next event on the agenda for the club is Round Two of Circuit Racing on July 17.

“Right now we’re working on the track expansion to bring the track up to an FIA 4. We can bring a higher level of motor sports to Guyana, that’s one. Two, there are some upgrades that need to be done to the existing track. This is in preparation for our July meet.”

The upgrades to the track are expected to be completed by Saturday while overall renovations to the track should be done by November, in time for the highly anticipated international circuit race.


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