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Mohamed slaps Police Sergeant with $200M defamation lawsuit

L-R: Popular businessman Azruddin Mohamed and Police Sergeant Dion Bascom

Popular businessman Azruddin Mohamed has filed a $200 million lawsuit against Police Sergeant Dion Bascom, who had linked him to the covering up of the murder of Ricardo Fagundes, also known as “Paper Shorts.”

Bascom took social media via storm earlier this month after he was released from Police custody after being arrested in connection with a drug bust at a Norton Street, Georgetown residence.

In the Facebook live, which he has since removed, Bascom claimed that it was a conspiracy to kill him and cover-up Fagundes’s murder. He subsequently did several other Facebook lives.

In a Statement of Claim filed in the High Court, Mohamed, through his lawyer, Naresh Poonai, is seeking more than $100 million in damages for defamation and exemplary, punitive, and aggravated damages over $100 million.

According to the court documents seen by MTV News Update, Poonai said the uttered statements by Bascom are “false, untrue, dangerous, disingenuous, malicious, irrational, unfair, unsubstantiated, unfounded and baseless, thereby tarnishing and lowering” Mohamed’s reputation.

The lawyer contended that Bascom’s statements had brought his client great embarrassment, emotional distress, and public humiliation.

As such, he is asking the Court to restrain the Police Sergeant from uttering, repeating, posting, printing, sharing, and otherwise disseminating the defamatory content.

Following Bascom’s allegations, Mohamed sent him a lawyer’s letter requesting that he immediately desist from repeating or making any defamatory allegations, issue a retraction, and offer an “unqualified apology.”

But the Police Sergeant said he stands by his allegations while noting that he has evidence to prove his case. Attorney-at-Law Nigel Hughes is also representing him.

In a Facebook post, Mohamed also said one of his competitors in the gold industry is the driving force behind the Police Sergeant’s allegations. In fact, he alleged that Bascom and the gold dealer were close friends.

The GPF later held this position while painting Bascom as compromised.


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