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MOE, Canada partner to upskill Mathematics teachers

Some of the teachers participating in the training

The Specialist Mathematics Teacher Training Programme was on Tuesday afternoon officially launched at the National Centre for Educational Resource Development – (NCERD).

This initiative is a partnership with the Government of Canada through the Canada-CARICOM Expert Deployment Mechanism.

The training programme seeks to expand teachers’ knowledge within Guyana and aid them with delivering content in a simple and efficient manner.

The first phase of the programme will see some 30 primary school teachers from Region Four being trained. This was revealed by the Head of the Mathematics Unit at NCERD, Vishnu Panday.

“This phase here deals with number and operations, which is the very first and foremost strand in the primary Mathematics programme. It makes up a little above one-sixth or above 20 percent of the work at the primary level,” he said.

However, the reach of the programme will expand eventually. Additionally, Panday noted that this partnership comes in at a good time as the wider focus of the programme is to improve students learning.

Meanwhile, Canada’s High Commissioner to Guyana, Mark Berman, recognised the teachers for their hard work while acknowledging their integral role in Guyana’s development. The High Commissioner said Canada’s government is pleased to collaborate with Guyana on this initiative.

“We’re delighted that coming out of COVID, we have been able to organise this through the office of the coordinator and bringing experts […]. It couldn’t come at a better time,” he noted. The training will last for four days.

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