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Mixed views among citizens on the removal of curfew

In an advisory seen by News Update, the National Task Force has announced that a National curfew will no longer be in place.

News Update spoke with several citizens across the city who shared their views on the removal.

The view of the citizens was mixed. Some of the citizens believe that this removal will pave way for a major boost to the economy.


"I think countries around the world have done so and with all the hardships that were occurring all the time I think it’s and the curfew was from 12 to 4 so I don’t see anything wrong with the four hours just give the Guyanese people a sense of responsibility being responsible for their own health and welfare and I think it’s gonna help the economy more money-wise”


"you can’t overdo the do not because they open up the place you showoff pon it you know what I mean you got to be careful go benefit me because I go get to sell later more late I go get to sell to see if I make more money."

However, the majority of them believes this poses a threat to the rise of COVID 19 cases.


"why they take off the curfew and covid ain’t finish you still got to wear you mask, you still got to do social distance so I think that is something wrong they do that’s my opinion.”


"I think the removal of the curfew is very bad because since this curfew and the place and the town open up it have so many accidents you open up just for Mash or just for the business sector to make money I think the curfew should not be open up again so very quickly corona is very high."


"for me, it’s not that good you understand because remember the numbers keep rising it’s not like the number gone down you understand what I mean you still gotta cater for the children and all of that so where are we heading.”


"I don’t think it’s wise that they lift the curfew because the thing is so much still in the country so when you lift the curfew to do any other thing then you will find see they will gather and the sickness will be there.”

The curfew recently in place was from midnight to 04:00 am. Guyana has had a curfew in place since March 2020.


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